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Draft:  The broken line


Design & Management:  SCULPTING THE AIR

Location:  Alicante. Spain

Collaborators:  Virgil of the Ossa

Photographs: José Ángel Ruiz Cáceres 

A sloping street crosses the San Blas neighborhood at high speed (San Juan Bautista). The buildings show the heights of their interior floors with a dislocated appearance because there has been no urban compositional criterion that unifies them.

That is precisely what we wanted to put on the table: to enhance and emphasize the "ups and downs" shown by the slabs of the adjoining party walls throughout San Juan Bautista. That is the mission of our broken line. A continuous line that ascends starting from the bottom-right until it reaches the top-left. Contrary to the current route followed by road traffic. A wink to stop for a moment and observe what has been happening so far with the buildings that have been erected in recent years. Periodically, the traffic light at the end of the street makes vehicles stop. This is the best time to contemplate the situation.

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