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Project :  Aesthetic Pavilion


Design & Management : ESCULPIR EL AIRE


Location:   San Juan. Alicante.

Photographs: José Ángel Ruiz Cáceres

Lighting and visual perceptual movement focus are the starting motors of this small Aesthetics Pavilion.

By structuring the interior space into three longitudinal strips, we obtained a clear distribution by uses, heights and type of light to be used in each of them.


The left strip houses the area for the pavilion's own use with a static light of weak intensity.

The central strip houses the main access to the Pavilion, the reception, the washing area and a toilet. The lighting designed for it establishes a dynamic aspect, of immediate passage and with a will of clear visual directionality towards the back of the Pavilion.

The right strip welcomes customers with the firm desire to position them in series and thus visually establish that it is where the work and service area is produced. The lighting design of this strip is the most complex: on the one hand, a limit is established with the central strip through the use of diffuse lighting; on the other hand, the needs of the client and the employee in the use of light are analyzed and thus, two addressable spotlights are positioned above, one that points to the client's head, another that points to the front mirror to reflect its light and throw it on the face of the client. Likewise, the mirror is separated from the background and is subsequently illuminated by diffuse light with the intention of causing it to float visually.

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