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Draft:  14 semi-detached houses

Design & Management : SCULPTING THE AIR  

Location:  Rojales. Spain

Photographs: José Ángel Ruiz Cáceres

This is the arrangement in 2 rows of 14 terraced single-family homes staggered on their different floors. This staggering of the buildings is the result of the adaptation of the building typologies to the existing terrain with steep slopes between the different perimeter streets. The houses have been meeting every two to facilitate the execution work on site. The houses are arranged on the ground floor and first floor for residential use and on the ground floor for garage use, storage room and annexes. They have an internal staircase that articulates the basement, ground floor and first floor spaces. The houses have been designed according to solar orientation criteria when distributing the rooms and use areas, providing them with overhangs and pergolas for solar and thermal protection and control. The assembly has been set back from the vial to  thus providing the homes with a larger front of open space where you can enjoy the sun and individual recreation.

Due to the different heights of levels between Calle 0 and Calle A, in addition to the natural topography of the Plot, it has been decided to have a basement under the houses.

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