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Draft:  The Blue Ribbon

Design & Management:  SCULPTING THE AIR

Location:  The Paradise. Althea. Spain

Collaborators:  Gloria Soler, Lily Master

Photography: Jose Angel Ruiz Caceres  

"The Blue Ribbon" is in charge of embracing the new part of the existing. Like a belt that surrounds the inside... That also goes out to the street, changing tones and suggesting a lively rhythm towards the main entrance.  

The facade and the inner courtyard are an inside-outside through the circles perforated on the folded surface.

Blue and aquamarine colors invade the interior space playing with 3 gradual SCALES:

- that of the children in the blue socket,

- that of parents and teachers on the treadmill

- the one from the building to the white ceiling.

Blue rubber floor, 20x20cm matt colored stoneware, white carpentry, white ceilings, indirect lighting that emerges from the colored strips towards the ceiling.

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