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Draft :  castellar 166

Design & Management:  SCULPTING THE AIR

Collaborators:  Virgil of the Ossa


Location:  Castelar 166. San Vicente

Photographs :  Jose Angel Ruiz Caceres  

The new building is developed between dividing walls and unfolds into two volumes -forming only one-, adapting its heights to those of the adjoining buildings:  

A) 7-storey volume : it is attached to the adjacent building to match its height. Finish: Textured Rust L-shaped open balconies for visual reception when approaching from Alicante.

B) Volume 5 floors : It descends 2 heights to reach the maximum height of the cornice of the built block. Finish: Plain white washed. Holes arranged as figures on a white background.

Low level:

A common base of black slate is in charge of providing a joint connection to the commercial premises and access to the hall.

Upper floors:

Exterior housing is developed facing the main road, as well as interior housing that opens onto a large interior patio.

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