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Project :  Casa entre Arenas


Landscape Team : Esculpir el Aire

Collaborators:  Isabel Caceres + Angel Ruiz + Javier Gimenez

Location:  Calle Águila Imperial. Aldea de El Rocío. Almonte. Huelva. España

Builded surface :  365 m2


Photography: Jose Angel Ruiz Caceres

Its design works with the air that results from the fact that the two main parallel volumes -night area and day area- are moved, parallel to each other, thus defining a wide hall -facing the street- and an open patio. -into the back alley-. Within the resulting double reception space, the fireplace, as the hearth's engine, takes center stage in the scene, sculpting itself around it to materialize a rising staircase.

It should be noted that from the exploratory drawings of the architect Ruiz Cáceres about the chimney of the Casa Venturi, a series of relevant transformations have been promoted in the "Casa entre arenas". For example, on the upper floor, the chimney unfolds towards the library, open on its balcony, lighting up from above through a longitudinal skylight that unfolds behind the staircase-chimney.

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