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Project :  Casa Anaya  


Design & Management:  ESCULPIR EL AIRE


Location:   San Vincente. Alicante, Spain


Photographs :  Jose Angel Ruiz Caceres

In "Casa Anaya", the white skin of the interior heals to the exterior when it appears to approach our contact (visual and tactile). The design of the house is based on a work process similar to that of casting in sculpture. Firstly, a base volume is defined, as the result of the needs requested by the client, such as the orientation and uses of the spaces. Then, through a casting process, it is definitively modeled with the purpose of emphasizing the possibilities of solar capture and protection, thus organizing a skin that makes us perceive 'the movement of erosion.'

Both erosion and oxidation are traces of the passage of time. Thus, when selecting a material that, due to its nature, has undergone profound transformation processes over time for its materialization, a natural red slate was selected. In the same way, the doors were arranged, selecting metallic pieces of oxidized steel that were given the same breakdown as the natural stone panels.

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