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Project:  Casa Alvaro

Location:  Alicante. Spain


Design & Management:  ESCULPIR EL AIRE

Photographs: José Ángel Ruiz Cáceres

Two parallel volumes are separated by the staircase. They are cut according to the external life that accesses the building; light holes are opened to give interior life to the rooms.

The interior staircase was a positive encounter with the errors of the builder on site. It was necessary to resolve the fact that the wooden steps of the main staircase had been placed without a lateral gap for the protection railing to pass through. After talking with the blacksmith on site, I glimpsed the possibility of tilting the bars in the form of a plate to make them pass between the steps. Later, the idea of going through the steps with a round rod followed, which is equivalent to the drill of any existing drill on the market. Thus, an interesting final result was generated "in situ" from a construction problem.  

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