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Design & Management:  SCULPTING THE AIR

Location:   San Juan. Spain


Collaborators:  Virgil of the Ossa

Photographs: José Ángel Ruiz Cáceres

Brief Encounter is a tribute to the film BRIEF ENCOUNTER by British director David Lean.

The building is made up of PB+2, the lower one being for premises and the two upper ones for dwellings. The distribution of both houses responds basically to an efficient search response to the climatic aspects that make up the environment.

A railing formed by the serial succession of metal plates covers the south-southwest facade linearly in order to control the incidence of solar radiation. The relationship between the edge of each of the plates and their filament is such that it allows the entry of natural light in the winter months, while in the summer months they cast SHADOWS on each other, acting as an umbrella.

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