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Project:  Water on the skin

Design & Management : ESCULPIR EL AIRE


Location:  Benitatxel. Spain

Collaborators:  Master Lily


Photographs: José Ángel Ruiz Cáceres


Water on the skin explores how the essential fluid (water) interacts with the textures of the bodies over which it flows, and not only of space, but also of those who experience it. The skin of the man (eyes, hands and bare feet) and the skin of the surrounding space get wet together.


The client would like to have a new interior space where Hydrotherapy can be carried out through a WATER CIRCUIT (where the temperature of the water alternates between hot and cold). The Circuit begins in the sauna, continues in the cold tub, then to the hot shower, again to the cold tub, and finally to the gym area.


The open space (except the sauna) is the result of adapting the irregular shape of the existing floor geometry to the project. The floor acquires a fundamental role in the whole process, so that, in order to articulate the transition between spaces, a change in tone and texture of the material is established in the transition area between the cold pool and the rest of the areas. At the same time, fences are established around the areas of use that are used, at the same time, to enable the exit of indirect lighting through their surfaces.

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