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Draft:  6 apartments + duplex + premises


Design & Management:  SCULPTING THE AIR


Collaborators:  Toto Baeza


Location:  Saint Vincent. Spain

Photographs: José Ángel Ruiz Cáceres

The strong demand for rental housing for young students at the University of Alicante is the starting point for this promotion. The goal was simple: obtain the maximum number of 2-BEDROOM homes.


For this, the habitable parts are arranged in order to achieve the GREATEST possible ENERGY SAVINGS. As a linked objective, the programmatic scheme of the building is structured in such a way that the execution costs of the work can be reduced and the EFFICIENCY OF GENERATED SPACES INCREASED: they are concentrated in a 1st  strip the wet rooms, in another 2nd strip the habitable rooms and in the 3rd strip the vertical circulation core is arranged as well as the interior patio that allows natural CROSS VENTILATION. 

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