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Draft:  Panoramis Shopping Center

Design & Collaboration: ESCULPIR EL AIRE

Location:  Alicante. Spain

Photographs: José Ángel Ruiz Cáceres  

In Panoramis I intervened as a Collaborating Architect despite the fact that I ended up immersed in all the processes, both design and construction. The truth is that beginning your professional experience with a building of this complexity makes you learn by leaps and bounds, especially with regard to the constructive development of a work that was designed while it was being built. This was possible since the Project Manager involved a multinational company with extensive experience that guided us in every step we took.

Designing down to the last screw is something that comforts you when you return to walk through its entrails and recognize it as part of you, after 3 long and hard years adapting to so much data and new circumstances.  

Located on quay 7 of the Port of Alicante, it opens its diaphanous square towards the Castle of Santa Bárbara and towards the Alicante marina. Perhaps the most interesting thing about his design was the ability to transform the geometry of the wooden beams into a frustum of a cone instead of the hyperbolic paraboloid of the beginning.  It made its execution easier and significantly reduced execution costs.

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