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Project :  Light Box


Design & Management : ESCULPIR EL AIRE


Location:  Altea. Alicante

Collaborators:  Gloria Soler Ródenas + Ana Adeva Gil

Photographs: José Ángel Ruiz Cáceres

Postproduction Photography:  Ana Adeva Gil + Gloria Soler Rodenas

Exercise :  Real estate operations office

“LIGHT BOX” bases its design on a new interior space understood as a stage for action, with a forced perspective, where visitors walk through its interior, turning the journey into an unconscious forward movement.

It is a place of light encounters, designed with the clear intention of directing users towards the interior of the last room as if it were a subtle fishing net.


Concept cleaning symbol. It constitutes an in-depth investigation into the infinite shades of white and its different textures (satin porcelain, smooth matt paint, satin-gloss lacquered MDF, white LED light, white fluorescent light).


The breaking of the corners between the different planes had to be carried out with the precision of a laser dissection.


The fixed furniture has been designed using MDF, which was then lacquered in white, adapted to the requirements of the activity.

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