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Draft:  Garden of Silhouettes


Design & Management: ESCULPIR EL AIRE

Location:  Alicante. Spain

Collaborators:  Azucena Maestre Mones, Gloria Soler Ródenas, Ramiro López, Ricardo Perdomo, Viveros Ferpas


Landscape Team : ESCULPIR EL AIRE +  Ferpas nurseries  

Photography: David Frutos / BIS + José Ángel Ruiz Cáceres


A space dedicated to children up to three years old inevitably implies reflecting on the scale of the space to be built. Thus, the Garden of Silhouettes operates on three gradual levels: the scale of the child, the scale of the man and the scale of the building with its surroundings.

The Garden works on two levels of height: a line of plants in the upper border that surrounds the patio and the use of showy colored plants with Agapanthus africanus in the middle. The plant selected for the latter is the bush (Phoenix roebelenii, Schefflera, Russelia, Thulbalgia, Viburnum lucidum, Laurus nobilis, Polygala myrtifolia, Agapanthus africanus, etc).

The design is completed with "the tree on the light blue ground", an elegant Prunus pisardi with personality, which will be remembered by children as the heart of their childhood.

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