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Draft:  The Garden of Shadows


Design & Management: ESCULPIR EL AIRE


Collaborators:  Gloria Soler, Azucena Maestre, Ricardo Perdomo, Yuriy Kuryk


Landscaping Team: ESCULPIR EL AIRE + Viveros Ferpas

Location:  Calp. Spain

Photography: José Ángel Ruiz Cáceres  

How to connect Architecture and Landscape?


The landscaping project and the architectural project work together to obtain something as insignificant as "Working the air".

1. An external staircase between the house and the main street offers the visual and tactile perception to enjoy the existing hill with a proposal of Architecture for the Human.


2. An exterior vehicle ramp at the rear of the front hides the cars.

The interior space operates with crossed views and the spaces are controlled and enlarged from above, but also laterally. The visual perception of the diagonals is favored by the different opening openings of the volume; the tactile perception is promoted by the continuity of the pavement plane, its disposition of the breaks and the textures of the planes playing with the peripheral vision of the vegetation.


The landscape design of 'The Garden' works, from the architectural design, with three main ideas:

1. Subtly dilute the boundaries between the existing montane vegetation and the proposed new subtropical plant areas.


2. Introduce the mount inside the plot and dilute the limit between landscape and housing.


3. Give privacy to the house without losing the spectacular views it offers.

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