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Draft:  Casa del Agua Garden

Design & Management:  ESCULPIR EL AIRE


Landscaping Team: ESCULPIR EL AIRE + Viveros Ferpas

Location:   Altea. Spain


Photographs: José Ángel Ruiz Cáceres

In the project "The Garden of Casa del Agua" landscaping and architecture work together to obtain a good fit to the existing topography in El Paradiso, Altea, Alicante, Spain.

The landscape design of this project works, from the architectural design, with three main ideas. On the one hand, it subtly blurs the boundaries between the existing montane vegetation and the proposed new subtropical plant areas. Subtropical species give way to mountain plants and vice versa. "The Water House Garden" functions as a large continuous and rhythmic space. The entrance takes on rhythm and color through various palm trees and shrubs such as Phoenix roebelenii, bouganvillea spp. Hedera helix, Hibiscus spp, etc. Large specimens of Cyca circinalis and Cyca revoluta act as landmarks both at the entrance and in the transition area between the slope and the access to the car park. In the north of the plot they also work with subtropical plants. In this case, Schefflera actinophylla, Howea forsteriana, nephrolepis cordata, etc. have been used. to adapt the white walls and allow the use of green in a dark area.

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