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Draft:  Estudio Esculpir el Aire

Design & Management : ESCULPIR EL AIRE


Location:   Alicante. Spain.

Photographs: José Ángel Ruiz Cáceres

The design of our own studio encompasses the concepts that usually articulate our other projects: we are interested in perceptual movement, rhythm, fragmentation, sequence, concavity and convexity, induced paths and in the games with light to, in this way, , to be able to enhance the tactile aspects of architecture and define “a stage for action”.

The Sculpting the Air studio is an open and fluid space without doors as well as a set of thirteen smaller sub-spaces connected to each other through the experience of an induced tour (entrance, presentation space, reception area, cleaning area, toilet room, reception work area, common work space, passage and model space). And it is that, as Rudolf Arnheim explains, “(…) everything that happens in any pictorial composition or architectural space will be determined by the interactions of the parts and the whole. Were it not so, the various inductions, attractions, and repulsions could not occur within the field of experience.

Thus, the elements that articulate the different subspaces are those that take on the leading role in the creative process. In the center of the space there is a large open white filing cabinet that contains, in turn, smaller wooden filing cabinets arranged crosswise. In this way, free movement “through” both people and light is allowed.

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