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Draft:  The Dummy Tree


Design & Management: ESCULPIR EL AIRE

Location:  "The Garden of Silhouettes". Alicante. Spain.

Collaborators:  Ramiro Lopez


Photographs: José Ángel Ruiz Cáceres

Designing a Tree is a great Responsibility.

Designing 'The Dummy Tree' is a great Honor.


The Dummy Tree proposes 'a place around' where we can begin to root our EMOTIONAL BALANCE by removing a dummy from the mouth. In this way, the first gesture of strength and independence that the children can activate in the face of their insecurity and fears is brought to the fore.

In an act of collective celebration, the children make the important decision to get rid of their pacifier forever and hang it on the Tree. During the days to come they will return to passing in front of the Tree, remembering 'their heroic act' in that magical environment to remember, the one that will reside in their subconscious accompanying them for the rest of their lives.


But how do you start your design?

A tree drawn by two and three-year-old children is a doodle on paper. There are no roots, no trunk, no branches, no leaves, no flowers: EVERYTHING FLOWS ON SOME LINES. In this way, The Lollipop Tree had to be materialized containing all the different trees that such small children would have been able to draw on paper.


The Lollipop Tree is, therefore, a spatial doodle formed by overlapping curved lines that flutter intertwined in a corner of the Garden. It has no roots because they are frozen traces. It does not have a trunk because the children have to hang from it and be able to get inside. It has no branches because all of it proposes a flow of lines of illusion that come, go, and return... It has no leaves because they will be filled with lollipops.

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